Fauxcrylics, Plastic Free Paint - Singles

Multi purpose can be used a watercolours, poster paint, and wood paint!  A little goes a lonnng way!

Wonder what paint to use for toys? Finally - a decent, highly pigmented plastic free paint paint for artists, made mostly from food ingredients (Pink and therefore also purple are cosmetic grade) and even washes out! (See below for details)
Plastic-free painnt, eco paint
Designed over a year of trial and error, this is finally available and in colours that match the industry standards.


As this is biodegradable and eco friendly, it does not dry insoluable/waterproof.  Therefore for use with toys and other objects that may get wet, I recommend using the sealant suitable for toys (https://www.tiny-land.co.uk/product-page/plant-based-wood-sealant)

No expiry.


All hand mixed concentrated colours are in cute 40ml glass jars and go far!

Also available as sets on the "All Paint Sets" option on the Natural Paints page.

6 Set - Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Titanium White, Hot Pink, Mars Black

8 Set - As above but with Orange and Green


*If spilt, dilute/soak as soon as you are able and use soapy warm water to wash out.  The longer it's left dry on fabric the more risk of a slight residue

Fauxcrylics, Plastic Free Paint - Singles


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