Finally - a decent paint for artists that is plastic free, made mostly from food ingredients (Pink and therefore also purple are cosmetic grade) and even washes out! (See below for details)

Designed over a year of trial and error, this is finally available and in colours that match the industry standards.


As this is biodegradable and eco friendly, it does not dry insoluable/waterproof.  Therefore for use with toys and other objects that may get wet, I recommend using a sealant suitable for toys.  No expiry.


All hand mixed concentrated colours are in cute 40ml glass jars and go far!

6 Set - Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Titanium White, Hot Pink, Mars Black


*If spilt, dilute/soak as soon as you are able and use soapy warm water to wash out.  The longer it's left dry on fabric the more risk of a slight residue

Acrylic Substitute, Plastic Free Paint


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