Aus Fauxcrylics 8 Set

8 food grade and plastic-free alternatives to Acrylics.  Named after their historical counterparts (Contain no Cadmium etc)

Come in 40ml pots of concentrated paste.  Requires watering down to ensure they sit deep in the wood.  Long lasting. 

8 Colours are (not as per the first image) : Hot Pink, Cadmium Red, Orange, Cadmium Yellow, Hookers Green, Cobalt Blue, Mars Black and Titanium White.

$83.50AUD including shipping. Tiny Land Toy Safe Sealant available for sealing your projects

IMAGES Rainbow pegs and Wizards by Pixie Play,  Penguins by Kate Thorne,  Comparison image of Acrylic on left vs Fauxcrylic on Right by Christine Bush, landscape coin by Sara @Egoph0bia.


Aus Fauxcrylics 8 Set


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