Aus Natural Sealant Add on only

100% Plant oil sealant.  Food safe (can be used on your kitchen utensils and chopping board).

This blend of oils cures naturally through oxidisation and therefore takes a full 4 weeks to cure.  However when it does it hardens to a natural plastic (polymer) and provides protection and prevents colour transfer.  Due to it's 100% oil nature it does not drag the underlying water-based wood stains.

Images by

Chairs - left is with sealant right is without - by Louise @ Sculptured Elf

Rainbow stacker on it's own sealed by Alanah @Luna Moon Designs

Quirky Rainbows made and sealed by Amber @Heirloom Designs

$14 AUD please only add to basket when purchasing other non add-on items to ensure postage costs are covered.  Thank you

Aus Natural Sealant Add on only


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