Beautiful Educational Kits to support learning on the Environments and Habitats around the world. Each kit comes with a 4 colour palette of scented bakeable playdough, along with a playscape material (either Rainbow Rice or Counting Beans).


The palette enables you to create both the environment and animals, then bake it for playing with! Comes with full instructions and supporting educational information.


Polar = White Rainbow Rice with Blue, Black, Orange and White dough (make a Penguin, Orca or Polar Bear with ice and water)


Woodland = Brown Rainbow Rice with 2 Greens, Brown and Fawn dough (Make a deer, hedgehog, mushrooms with trees)


Shores = Yellow/Sand Rice with Blue, Green, Brown and White dough (Make a turtle, eggs, and seaweed with sand)


Soil = Brown rice with Pink, Black, White and Brown dough (Make worms, Moles, Grubs and Ants with soils)

Environmental Kits


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