Food grade Face, Body and Hair Paint

**Halloween/Pumpkin Party Special**

Red, Black, White and Orange for only £22!

Finally a facepaint with NO MINERAL OIL. No dodgy ingredients like Talc..These paints contain ALOE VERA, food colours and food ingredients to be kind to the most delicate skin.Available in ready-to-go sets they last ages. They dry quickly and can be used in the hair too!Each colour comes in a cute 30ml jar. Completely plastic free.


A little really does go a long way!  Decant a tiny amount onto a palette to prevent colour/bacteria cross- contamination. 


Great for parties, festivals, Halloween/pumpkin parties and Christmas.

The 5 set contains Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White. Basic Rainbows and Superhero’s

The 7 set contains all of the above plus Orange and Green. For Smashing pumpkins and Hulk Smashes!

The 9 set includes all of the above plus Pink and Purple..vital for Princesses and Unicorns!!

Food grade Face, Body and Hair Paint

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