All Paint Sets

Save time and a little money with these sets.
Available in 120ml Glass Jars and in the following food grade options;
 - Super washable Fingerpaints for babies (made with food dye)
 - Scented version of the above paints for a sensory experience
 - Wonder Paints - a pigmented (solid) traditional poster paint with super vibrancy - can even paint onto wood!  Similar to Liquid Acrylics for the artists out there!

 - FauxCrylics - a substitiute acrylic/watercolour style concentrated pigment paint that can be watered down and used for poster style paints or details on peg dolls and other toys.

None of our paints have that chemical 'paint' smell, they are made from food grade ingredients with delicate, food grade preservatives.  All our colours are bright and strong enough for good mark making on paper but also come out in the washing machine!
The scented version uses natural fruit extracts and essential oils.

All our paints have at least a 12 month shelf life.  After this time it is still usable as a paint but is no longer food grade quality. You can keep it in the fridge to extend it's life.

Set Colours for fingerpaints and wonderpaints are as follows:
3 = Red, Yellow and Blue
5 = Red, Yellow, Blue and Orange and Green
7 = Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink and Purple
9 = Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Black and White


Fauxcrylic Sets are as follows:

6 Set - Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Black, White

8 Set - Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Black, White, Orange, Green

All Suitable for 6 months+
(Please note Wonder paints temporarily stain the skin until bathtime)

All Paint Sets

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