Our gluten free playdough is AMAZING! Once you feel it you can never go back to another brand.
It's scented, made from food grade, gluten-free ingredients, and it DOESN'T DRY OUT!
It will last out of it's tub for up to 5 hours (larger pieces even longer!)
It glides through playdough machines with ease and children literally can't put it down!

These sets come in 120ml tough glass jars and are all scented and Gluten Free!


The sets are as follows, natural fragrances are below:

3 = Red, Yellow and Blue
5 = Red, Yellow, Blue and Orange and Green

7 = Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink and Purple

9 = Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Black and White

Raspberry Red
Orange Orange
Banana Yellow
Lime Green
Blueberry Blue
Lavender Purple
Cherry Pink
Cola Black
Vanilla White

Scented Gluten Free Bakeable Playdough Sets


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