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Looking for a paint suitable for Babies' Wooden Toys? Look no further!


These are beautiful sets of 120ml Jars (40ml for the childrenn's set) of Wood Stain in a vibrant array of colours. Covers a large area (1m2), only 1 coat required however can be overlayed for deeper colour. 


It shows wood grain well, particularly with fewer layers. Think of your final product as coloured wood, so the feel is retained and any protection required will mean a varnish will be needed. You can either dip peg dolls/toys in the bottles or use a brush.


As wood is porous too much stain will bleed, so use little and often.   Suitable for Toy Makers, complies with EN71-3.  

Please note that this does not self seal and will need to be treated afterwards.  We also do a toy safe sealant made 100% from plants! https://www.tiny-land.co.uk/product-page/plant-based-wood-sealant


1 bottle covers 1m2.


Available in the following:

Forest 3 Set - Lime Green, Grass Green and Forest Green

Sea  3 Set - Seafoam (teal), Sky Blue and Royal Blue

Spring 5 Set - Lime Green, Sunshine Yellow, Pink, Orange, Seafoam (teal)

Rainbow 8 Set - Strawberry Red, Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Grass Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Purple and Pink


** Now also available the mini Children's set for use as watercolours or endless ways!**

Children's set is 6 colours of White, Black, Pink, Red, Blue and Yellow.


Autumn 5 Set is

Rusty Red

Ochre Orange

Mellow Mustard (Yellow)

Moss Green


Our stains also work great on wax paper for Stained Glass work, or as a paper stain.All ingredients are food ingredients and comply with the CE EN71 Regulations for toys.

Are you looking for a specific colour range? We can match it! Please Contact Us on contact@tiny-land.co.uk
SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN TO USE FROM 3 YEARS + Although safe from 6m+, this product does what it says - it stains! So please protect surfaces. Colours do wash out of fabrics in the washing machine, but for upholstery etc clean with warm soapy water, taking as much water away as possible.

Vibrant Wood Stain Sets

Set (See notes on set sizes)

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