Turners Hill School Craft Club

Turners Hill Pupils ONLY

Regular sessions each Wednesday from 4th September 3:15-4:30 (excludes 30th Oct)

£6.50 which includes a 50p donation to FOTHS.

Please contact me to split payment and discuss Receptioners and other queries x

Who are Tiny Land?

Based in Rowfant, Tiny Land make ecological Art Materials for children and adults alike, such as Salt Dough, Wax Blocks, Paints and Wood Stains

What will the Regular Sessions involve?

These sessions will provide a framework of building, creating and crafting within which children can be expressive and autonomous in their applications of mixed media.  Some sessions will involve an element of natural sciences (STEAM) e.g propulsion, simple engineering (builds), conservation.  Some moderate woodwork such as toy making.


Children will be invited to think about the world around them and our impact to the earth.

Materials will be as environmentally friendly as possible, using Tiny Land starch based glues, and biodegradable materials.

The children will be bringing their work home with them, however some sessions we will continue on our projects and therefore will not be always bring a small item weekly, sometimes a larger item later on will be completed such as Comic books. 

Turners Hill School Craft Club


    Contact Alison: email: contact@tiny-land.co.uk  Tel: 07951469922 

    Location: Rowfant Cottage, Wallage Lane, RH10 4NG

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