USA Fauxcrylic 8 set


Concentrated pots of thick paint.  To be watered down for us on wood to enable them to sit in the wood.  They last a really long time due to their concentration.  8 x 40ml pots

All food grade, contain no cadmium they are named after the traditional pigment colours they are similar to.

Colours are Cadmium Red, Orange, Cadmium Yellow, Hookers Green, Cobalt Blue, Hot Pink, Mars Black and Titanium White.

$76 IN USD.  Shipping is included. Ready to Ship.


Image credits: Check out these artists on instagram/facebook

Giraffe by Myla Lou

10 pegs by @jedimumtricks

Wedding couple by @Egoph0bia

Other pegs and wizards by @pixieplay

USA Fauxcrylic 8 set


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