Water Resistant Toy Paint available in ready-to-go sets!!
2 Set is Black and White
5 Set of Skin Tones ranging from pale to very dark
6 Sets of Pastels available in
   Set 1 to match the Grimms Rainbow for keeping them in great condition
   Set 2 to include purple instead of a mint/teal to provide a full spectrum pastel rainbow
8 Set of Bright tones to colour match our famous Rainbow 8 wood stains for a more solid look
10 Set of Bright tones as in the 8 Rainbow above, plus Black and White

Designed over many months, this paint uses a natural tree oil and food colourants, mixed with water to enable dilution.  Comes in 40ml pots of concentrated paint.  

This means it’s suitable for detailed work and you can dilute down to have a thinner look to show the grain. When diluting you may wish to measure the ratios for a consistent look.Full instructions and advice included.It’s totally safe for use on toys. Contains no Acrylic, or synthetic resins. No gloss, no VOCs, no odour (apart from a feint oil scent)Due to its perfect nature, it touch dries in a warm environment within hours but takes a few days to 2 weeks to fully ‘cure’. This means it produces a hard, durable satin finish.

**A note on waterproofing**
Any water-based products will not be 100% waterproof. This paint does dry to be water resistant and splashproof and will not bleed as significantly as the wood stains. However they will not be resistant to scrubbing rubbing or gnawing.  I always recommend that you seal this product when using as a Toy Paint. However it will not require as many coats as the wood stain or Fauxcrylic. Any dilution will also dilute its ability to resist water. 

Waterproof Toy Paint Sets

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