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Hi and Welcome to Tiny Land! 

I am Alison King, mum of 2 boys.  My primary aim is to make products that are eco and family friendly.  My impact on the earth is very important to me.  


All my ingredients are TOP 14 ALLERGEN FREE and mostly food grade and derived from nature. 

Free from

GLUTEN                FISH                      CELERY           SULPHUR DIOXIDE

WHEAT                 CRUSTACEANS      MUSTARD       LUPINS

NUTS                    MOLLUSCS            SESAME         POTATO STARCH

EGG                     SOY                      MILK

All products are VEGAN, biodegradable, and gluten free! My containers are 100% Plastic free.  Any plastic that comes to me is recycled or re-used.  All parcel packaging is 100% Recyclable and made from recycled materials.


I do not support or utilise any animal testing. We are all about good, clean, wholesome FUN!

Tiny Land products are safe, EU compliant and CE certified.

I produce environmentally responsible, high quality products for your child at a fair price.

All products are tested by my boys and I.  

We are always looking for fun new products to make, and improving the current ones.

If you are representing a group or charity I offer discount - just contact me prior to making a purchase.



Thank you for visiting!                        

Alison x

A note about Natural vs Man Made/Safe Synthetic Ingredients

When selecting ingredients for my products, I choose very carefully.  The most important thing to me is to provide good quality, safe products which don't harm the environment or the people that use them.


You may be surprised to know that Bicarbonate of Soda is produced synthetically. 

It's very difficult (and expensive) to buy this in it's natural unprocessed form (found in dry lakes).  There are many food-grade, safe ingredients that are re-produced by us humans after having discovered them in their natural home.  There are also some natural substances in this world that are harmful to us such as lead or asbestos.   So the short of it is, that natural isn't always safe, or animal friendly.

I have, therefore, rejected:

Baby Oil, Talcum Powder, Dairy, Soy, Nuts, Carmine/Cochineal/Red #4, anything which is not biodegradable, any materials which are not recyclable, anything source from companies that test on animals.  Sulphates which can penetrate the skin such as SLS and ALS. Parabens.

All our bubbles founding the bath paint and other bathing products are made from Cocamidropropyl Betaine and Decyl Glucose - both derived from plants.


A note about the wax in my crayons:

My crayons are the ONLY VEGAN AND SOY FREE CRAYONS IN THE WORLD!!  I use Carnauba wax - the one that creates the shiny coating on sweets (and is 5 timesmore expensive than soy)!  The wax is obtained from the Brazilian palm tree, Copernica Cerifera. This tree grows in the north-east of Brazil. During the harvest the leaves are removed, these have a protective wax coating: carnauba wax. The leaves regrow the next year, and no deforestation occurs.  Hence carnauba wax production is sustainable. 


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