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Sick of plastic?

So are we.

We don't like using plastic to  contain our super safe paints and gluten free playdough.  But we are struggling to source alternative, airtight containers for liquids that can survive their journey to you.

So instead - if you match a returned tub or bottle we can use to put your paint or dough in - we will discount you the cost of the tub or bottle.

How do we do this?  When making your purchase, use the code "ECO5" at checkout.  The cost of the container is approximately 5% of the overall cost of the product.

NB: If you want to order more products than you can supply containers to us, due to design restrictions on our website we ask that you place this order seperately.  

It doesn't even need to be our tub or bottle so long as it's similar in size! (Overly sized containers cause postage costs to increase).  If it prevents a 1st generation plastic from being made, that's great for the earth.


When ordering paint it needs to have a screw and water tight lid.  When ordering a dough or loose parts such as rainbow rice or beans, then it needs to have an airtight lid (margarine tubs won't work but ice cream tubs will).


Our tubs and bottles returned to us is perfect.  We just need to wait for them to come back to us before we can send you your order.

Please send them to Tiny Land HQ @:

20 Willow Ridge, Turners Hill, West Sussex RH10 4PN

Thank you for helping us save the earth <3

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