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  • So before Christmas during the big rush I overheated the bath crayons and they came out a bit wonky...less than perfect! One of the benefits of membership here is to receive free or heavily discounted products. I have several yellow but first come first served will have the orange, yellow, blue, then it will be a mix of whatever’s left until I’m giving away the yellows! Just message me and send £3 postage (via PayPal) to with your name and address and I’ll send them out! For groups or charities I can give you a few yellows, just email me through the group/charity email. Thank you all!
  • A big welcome to Lisa, Sarah and Victoria! X
  • Paints made from Organic Pigment Powders! Members get exclusive access to these for 2 weeks before they go on the market! Stunningly plastic-free, they come in 6 x 100ml jars. Just mix a little with water in a seperate pot and you're ready to go! They come with full instructions. Requires mixing by an adult but the paints themselves are food grade and gluten free so safe for 6m+ but recommended for older children as the taste of paprika and turmeric is a little aquired! Click on the image to access them:

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