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                                           Bring your product to life!                                    

Adding a scent and colour to your product really brings it to life and adds a whole new dimension!  My children love playing with scented paints especially, as they mix each colour together it can make some great scent combinations too!

Imagine painting a picture which smells of strawberry ice cream, or lavender.

All our scents are natural and food grade and so suitable for children from 6 months and are taste safe.  

We do not use synthetic or cosmetic grade fragrances.    

The fragrances are usually organised as follows:

Black = Cola     Browns = Caramel or Chocolate      Whites/Creams =  Vanilla    Reds = Strawberry or Raspberry       

Oranges = Orange       Yellows = Lemon or Banana        Greens = Lime        Blues = Blueberry        

Purples = Lavender or Purple Violets     Pinks = Cherry

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