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What kind of paint do I need for painting Toys?  Can Wood Stains be mixed?

This page will give you information on the different Paints and Stains available at Tiny Land and what can be achieved with them.

All my paints are Toy Safe and conform to EN71-3.  All can be mixed with each other for different effects.


The Waterproof Toy paint contains tree oils and is self sealing - important for protection from saliva and to prevent colour transfer.  These have been discontinued for now to allow me to focus on 2 main types of Paint. 

- Dyes - Wood Stains

- Pigments - Fauxcrylic Paint

For the difference between dyes and pigments see my blog here:

Wood Stains are effectively inks for a transparent (more opaque for the Pastel range)  vibrant effect for use as Watercolours, staining rainbow rice, dying wood to show the grain, colouring playdough, and fabric tie-dying (although may only fix in Nylon and Animal fibres).  They come in 120ml or 41ml Jars.

The vibrant types are made from food dyes and can be mixed together.  The pastels are made from pigments which suspend and so require shaking before use.  They can be mixed together.  Vibrants and Pastels when mixed can dry with splotchy results.  The Paper Glue/Primer will help to prevent this.

-  Fauxcrylics.  Acrylic-free concentrated pigment paste for watering down as required.  For use on paper, card or wood.  Can be used to create detail on toys.  Very similar to Watercolours or Acrylics however are not waterproof.  Can be sealed with the Sealant. 41ml Jars

-  Wonderpaint.  A ready-mixed version of Fauxcrylics.  A high quality pigmented poster paint for use on paper, card and some woods 120ml.  Mix colours with white for a more solid or pastel look. 120ml Jars.  Being discontinued for now however some colours are still in stock.

-  Fingerpaint.  Desiged to be super washable, these DYE paints produce a softer mark on the page than Wonderpaints and are therefore suitable for younger children, for use on card or paper. 120ml jars.  Being discontinued for now however some colours are still in stock.

-  Scented Paint.  The same paint as the finger paint with natural fruit extracts.  (The EU does ot permit scented fingerpaint) 120ml jars.  Being discontinued for now however some colours are still in stock.

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