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Primer Advice

Primers are surface preparations.   In woodwork, primers smooth out the surface of the wood by filling the pores.  This means there's less routes for a colourant to travel through and therefore prevents 'bleeding'.  It improves the even absorbtion of the paint or stain.  Tiny Land primer often helps make Tiny Land stains look even more vibrant.

Tiny Land primer is made from natural plant-based starches and so is completely food grade, vegan, and biodegradable.  You can even eat it (although it won't taste very nice!).   As it is a plant-based starch it has an expiry date of 6 months from the manufacture.

How to use Tiny Land Primer:

Firstly you'll want to sand and clean your wood.  This is to ensure that the wood takes the primer and stain better and removes any impurities.  Lightly sand in the same direction as the grain, and wipe with a damp cloth.  

Once dry, apply the first coat of the primer.  Using a brush, you can use the primer straight from the jar, however to prevent any contamination and mould, we recommend you pour some into a separate container.

You can also dilute primer if you find the wood you are using is not absorbing the primer very well.   

All woods are different porosities and will respond differently.

Make sure to cover all of the wood that you are painting/staining.  Once dry, give the coat a very light sanding and repeat the 'prime and sand' method for another coat.   We recommend 3 layers of primer for the best results.

You may then stain/paint the wood.  See the Advice page for more information.

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