Plant Based Wood Sealant

It's finally here, and in high demand -  a natural sealant made purely from plant oils that is toy and taste safe.  We have tested the application, water resistancy, colour transfer and durability of this product.  It significantly reduces colour transfer from home made toys with each coat. 


Image of the wooden purple egg shows to the left the transfer of colour without the sealant vs the transfer with only 1 coat of sealant when made wet.  After 2 coats colour transfer is minimal, and further still reduced with another coat.  4 coats are recommended for complete colour transfer prevention.  

Dries clear with minimal yellowing and not too shiny.  Your colours naturally will darken with this application.  Please test to become familiar with it.  Coverage from 1 jar depends on the absorbsion rate of your wood, however I estimate at around 3m2.

When working on non-coloured wood, you can wet to raise the grain, then sand and add the sealant.


Drying time is reasonable (12-24 hours at room temperature) given this includes zero VOC's/solvents.  It is completely VOC free, instead it contains pure orange oil.

This is an oil consistency and requires dipping or brushing on.  No buffing needed.

Repells water well and therefore increases the life expectancy of your product when placed outside. 

(NB: As with all sealants your product will require topping up after a year or so of being left to the elements)

Price is for 120ml.

Plant Based Wood Sealant


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