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Handmade Eco Cool Stuff at Wholesale Prices!

What you sell is really important to you.  You have a quality reputation to keep and bills to pay.  These products have to WORK on your behalf and sell themselves!  You can't have stock sitting around while you have rent to pay. 

My products are

- Handmade by mums

- Allergy Friendly

- Fast-moving and very popular

- From a brand with a big following and brand reps

- Plastic Free (*NB the Playfoams have to come in plastic recylable bottles due to the working parts)

- Made from food ingredients to ensure completely safe products

I won't undercut your prices unless I'm doing a special offer.  My turnaround times for retail customers are slower than yours.  This means if they want fast products, they need to go to you.


If you have any returns or customer queries, I will deal with these directly, saving you on any additional postage or labour costs...and trust me - I've had 3 queries since I launched in 2017.

Plus your store is promoted on our social media pages and we will gladly work with you and share any offers you may have.

Your first order also comes with FREE DELIVERY!  Just choose 'Free Collection' at checkout - be suire to add your address to the comments prior to checkout please.  Don't worry if you forget - you can always email it to me on

What are you waiting for?

Our wholesale terms are as follows and monitored on a regular basis:

1. Orders over £100 regularly* 20% discount Code = WS20


2. Orders over £200 regularly* 25% discount Code = WS25


3. Orders over £150 every month** 30% discount Code = WS30

4. Orders over £300 at least bi-monthly 35% discount Code = WS35

*Regular business is around 4 times a year (1 order each season)

**Should you not place an order after 2 consecutive months, the monthly discounts do not apply.


Prices exclude postage which is £8.99 for orders over 2KG and increase in line with weight and courier charges. All prices will be shown online prior to payment and the minimum spend is after discount has been applied.

Just order as usual and apply the relevant discount code in the basket!

I'm looking forward to working with you,


Alison x

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