Learn and create with Tiny Land Club!  The craft subscription with a difference!                                        

Under 3

We provide 2 sample pots of a paint such as puff paint or finger paints - for our full range please see our page on Paints.  We guarantee a different product every month for up to a year.  With these come instructions and print outs to complete.  These require adult supervision and may need an adult to complete them e.g. cutting out.  This age range can expect a make - as an example - their own wind chime or mobile.

Ages 3-8

Each package comes with a sample size of one of our paints, messy or dry play materials, plus instructions on how to make your toy/item, and accessories or embellishments.  So you can really get value for money.  This age range can expect to make - as examples - a money box or kaleidoscope! 

Every month we send out an age-appropriate pack to our club members.  This pack costs just £4.50 plus £1.27 postage.


It doesn't just include card and pipe cleaners, we combine messy play materials with card, paints or dough - the full sensory experience! 

Our aim for all ages is to provide something that your child can play with and appreciate once they have made it.  Such as a flying, spinning or role play toy.

9 Years +

We combine the same fun multi-sensory, multi-material experience with more complex art or with a construction, maths, or science element.

For example build an origami animal with a textured skin, or a small embroidery kit or build a live volcano!