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Natural based Paints handmade with food-grade ingredients.

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All my paints are Toy Safe Paints and conform to EN71-3.  The Waterproof paint is named as the toy safe paint as it contains Tung Oil and is self sealing - important for protection from saliva and to prevent colour transfer.  Most of my paints use Synthetic Food Colours.  The Pink colourant in Wonderpaint, Acrylic substitute and Toy paints is cosmetic grade (this is also the case in their purple and black counterparts).  All other ingredients are food grade (made to be taste safe).

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Wood Stains Like inks for a transparent (or opaque for the Pastel range)  vibrant effect including watercolour, staining rainbow rice, dying wood to show the grain, colouring playdough, and fabric tie-dying (although made to wash out) In 120ml Jars

Wonderpaint for high quality pigmented poster paint for use on paper, card and some woods 120ml.  A ready mix paint.  Mix colours with white for a more solid look. 120ml Jars

Toy Paint for a Waterproof, durable finish to toys and wood including furniture annd dolls houses 41ml Jars

Acrylic free concentrated pigment paste for watering down as required.  For use on paper, card or wood.  Is not waterproof.  Great for body art.  Mix colours with white for a more solid look. 41ml Jars

Fingerpaint.  Desiged to be super washable, these paints produce a softer mark on the page than Wonderpaints and are therefore suitable for younger children, for use on card or paper. 120ml jars

Scented Paint - The same paint as the finger paint with natural fruit extracts.  (The EU does ot permit scented fingerpaint) 120ml jars

Organic Botanical Paint Thick pastes made from Organic Pigments such as Indigo from Indian farmers 41ml Jars

Solid Bath Paint Crayons - Avoiding glass and plastic in the bath, these come in a cute tote bag.  Can be used with a brush or drawn onto the bath.  Also suitable for paper.  6 large 4cm stars

Contact Alison: email: contact@tiny-land.co.uk  Tel: 07951469922 

Location: Rowfant Cottage, Wallage Lane, RH10 4NG

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