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Ultimate Vegan Minced Meat Recipe

I'm so excited to finally be writing my blog on my new website! I'm also a bit nervous because people don't know I'm a mum of 2, looking after the boys and doing this job in the evenings. If I get big orders I'll undoubtedly panic!!

I've been making some really great vegan kids meals recently and a lot of mums ask for these - it's hard to get our children to eat their greens at the best of times!

So I'm now posting a proper recipe for my "Ultimate Vegan Minced Meat Recipe"

This uses nothing but wholesome ingredients. No TVP/soy or processed food. No gluten.

It's amazing with mashed potato as a cottage pie, or with spaghetti as a bolognese. Put in tacos, tortilla wraps..the list is literally endless!

The recipe is below, but for now a few things about what we have been up to!

We attended the Into The Wild Beltane Festival May Day bank holiday and camped for a night. It was good fun, and the workshops were amazing! I didn't get a chance to attend them because I had the 2 dudes with me, so I'm going again in the August Bank Holiday and taking a friend to help me, which is a very rare situation for me. I'll be honest it's times like this I do feel the sharp edges of parenting without the help of grandparents.

I am also going to be running FREE WORKSHOPS on handmade clay modelling with forest treasures, and Forest Fairies and Elves Facepainting. This will be using my all natural Face Paints for free!

Child Friendly Vegan Recipe

Ultimate Vegan Minced Meat Recipe


'Meat' recipe:

100g Sun Dried Tomatoes put through a blender 200g Walnuts or mixed nuts put through a blender 250g (1 punnet) Chestnut Mushrooms put through a blender

Seasoning (Suggestions are: Salt, Steakhouse seasoning, onion powder, Garlic puree, chicken seasoning)


2 Burger Patties from the above meat recipe

2 onions finely chopped or blended in a food processor

2 tins of chopped tomatoes

1 tin of black beans

A handful of quinoa (pre-soaked in boiling water for 10 mins if possible then drained)

A handful of barley

2 tablespoons/30ml worcester sauce

100ml Strong Vegetable Stock


1. Make the meat by putting the ingredients through a blender. Add some vegetable stock if you need to add a little moisture but don't make it wet. Make them into burger patties/steaks etc. When using these later you can fry them.

You now make this as you would any meat mince

2. Heat some oil in a pan. Fry the onions in a pan until clear

3. Add the 'meat' patties and break up and fry with the onions

4. Add the tinned tomatoes as soon as the pan starts getting dry

5. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer for 10 minutes, adding more stock

Ideas for feeding this to your kids!

1. Wrap in tortillas and fry upside down!

2. Place in tacos with rice for a mexican (add kidney beans, and chilli sauce on the adult plates!)

3. Have with spaghetti for a bolognese

4. Place mashed potato on top with vegan butter, salt and a dash of vegan milk - bake for 15-20 mins on 180ºC Cottage/Shepherd Pie!

5. Put in a baking dish and top with shortcrust or puff pastry!!

6. Place in pre-rolled puff pastry and fold up before baking to make a pasty!

7. Wrap in tortilla with salad and rice as a burrito

......that is a week's worth of this recipe!

Enjoy! Alison x

Children's Vegan Recipe

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