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Going Gluten Free Vegan!

I have 2 children who are CMPI (Cow's Milk Protein Intolerant). This also means they need to avoid Soy. I have done the odd gluten free meal and keep all my products Gluten Free (the gluten Free Play dough is really popular!), but recently I have had to eliminate gluten from our diet for my little one's benefit.

Having changed to a plant-based diet a year and a half ago, I know the trick is to know everything you CAN have, and focus on enjoying your food - rather than focus on what you can't. However for those of you also looking to go gluten free here are the main areas to look out for:

Bread (including Loafs, Pitta, Crumpets, etc)





Cakes and Pastries

Some chips and other carb foods marked as 'crispy', 'breaded' or having 'breadcrumbs' (they coat it in flour to give it crunch)

For those with sensitive intolerances or allergies, some cereals such as oats may be contaminated while being processed - so you need to specifically look for the label Gluten Free on cereals.

I used to give my children wholegrain wheats such as wholegrain tortillas to ensure adequate protein and fibre intake, but now I've been wondering what else I can give them!

So I've made my own flour mix using Organic Rice, Corn, Garam/chickpea, Buckwheat, Potato and Quinoa flours. I don't have to add Xantha gum, but make sure it's a little wetter than gluten dough.

Once I've measured the perfect quantities, I'll share my recipe. It's a little daunting going gluten free vegan but hopefully I can share some tips along the way!

This experience will give me an insight to my customer's lives - trying to feed children with multiple allergies can be tough! Tiny Land will be a the Allergy Show in London Olympia Friday 6th July to Sunday 8th so do come and say hi and try our products if you're coming along!

Wish me luck!

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