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Choosing the Right Crayons for Your Child

What crayons are best for toddlers?

Every child loves crayons!  They give your child the freedom to create without limits - without being told what to draw.

You can pick up a pack of crayons from budget shops as cheaply as £1.  

The thing is, young children explore with their mouths and this can continue until they are 4 or 5!

Many children eat crayons - I've heard of children going through a whole pack in 1 sitting (yes Rainbow poo really DOES exist!) 

Typically crayons are made from paraffin wax.  Paraffin is a by-product of refining petroleum - yes that's the same stuff we put in our cars.  The fumes from melting paraffin wax when released in a candle have been linked to cancer and compared to diesel fumes.

Are crayons toxic?

The other issue with crayons is that they are actually only meant for children over the age of 3!  

They are a choke risk as they snap so easily into pieces (we've all stepped on a crayon on the floor and - snap!)  Toys for under 3's must conform to a larger size that most crayons just don't match up to.  So what's a parent to do?

Tiny Land have designed crayons made from natural plant based waxes including Sustainable Carnauba and Organic Soil Association Certified Cocoa Butter and food grade colours.  These crayons are so large that they will last your child from under 3 to potentially beyond starting school!  (And they are only £12.70 for 6)  You can find them here:

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Yet they are a perfect size for a grab hold that toddlers use before they acquire a pencil grip.  

Great for their mouths, bodies AND motor skills, and great for the environment too! 

Non Toxic Crayons for toddlers

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