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Making an Autumn Wreath (no glue)

Making an autumn wreath without glue

It became Autumn a while ago and yet I haven't managed to write a blog post about the change of season! I ran the craft area at BabyTodd Baby, Bump and Toddler show in Copthorne, and it took 2 weeks to make products and organise everything. Meanwhile F had started school not long ago and was still adjusting to it all. He's doing great now! N is now at a Montessori twice a week and loving it! That has enabled me to work for about 4-5 hours a week uninterrupted during daylight - important when mixing paint colours!

At this time of year we always go to Wakehurst's Bountiful Botanics fair - I love the natural dyes and paints that they have on display, and this time they had vegan food! The boys also had a great time.

We have been busy with all sorts of craft activities after school and I'll be posting a few of them here.

This week I wanted to show you the beautiful Autumn Wreath we made.

We really loved collecting the leaves and bringing nature into our home. We talked about the colours, and the fruit falling from the tree. Acorns have been hugely bountiful this year!

1. Get some flexible garden wire and find a tree that's turning! Going on a leaf hunt is a great fun! We collected Lichen, Feathers, Acorns long sticks and so on. You need A LOT of leaves. Choose vibrant colours and different textures. Go for 60 or so! This is a Broad Oak.

2. Gather together your sticks and make a circle with them, binding them with a strip of the garden wire about 3 times the size of the circle. You can also do it in stages as we did by using lots of shorter lengths of wire.

Leaf collecting
Making a wreath without glue

3. Now make a large circle at one end of the wire so the leaves don't fall off and thread it through the leaves. The kids loved doing this bit - they loved choosing different reds, yellows and greens and pushing the wire through the leaves.

4. Once you have a long piece of wire stuffed full of leaves, secure it at one end onto the circle and start wrapping it around!

5. Carry on doing this until you're happy with it. You can also use some wire to secure a loop at the top for hanging. That's it! Super easy and Super fun!

I especially loved that we could hang feathers in the home that had fallen naturally from the birds and haven't been taken from them. We call these finds forest treasure!

This is ours hanging in our living room above the family table! I hope you enjoyed this!

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