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Natural Salt Dough Sycamore Bugs

How to make salt dough gifts

Hi everyone it's craft time again!

Since the weather changed we have really enjoyed our crafts and it also gives me an opportunity to demonstrate ways you can use the products I have been making for so long!

In this bug making session we used Sycamore Winged Seeds, Tiny Land Scented Salt Dough (£2.50) and Tiny Land Scented Paints (£2.70).

You can use any paints if they are thick

enough to paint on a solid surface. You can

make several bugs and paintings with these.

First we got some pictures of the bugs. I love these Usborne Flash cards (£6.99 from

Salt Dough craft

I chose a Honey bee and my son chose a dragonfly!

We then rolled our salt dough into shapes. All insects have 3 parts to their bodies so this is a great way to teach your child insect anatomy, counting, as well as working those motor skills!

Then we pushed our sycamore seeds into the body - get as far in as you can and fill in any gaps with salt dough to make sure it doesn't fall out.

We then used dried rosemary for legs! We also did some christmas snowmen and a hedgehog using sticks and bits of acorns etc.

We let ours dry in the sun but you can bake at 80ºC for a couple of hours. The bigger it is the lower the temperature and for longer (like cakes)'re drying it though - not cooking it!

Once they were dry I painted the Honey Bee

And he now...

.....looks like..


I think he looks so cute!! I hope you have fun making these! x

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