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How to make a Beautiful Gift Box using recycled materials

I’m really excited to be writing my first blog for Tiny Land. It is such a pleasure to use these beautiful eco-friendly art materials and there is no better time to get stuck in than on these long winter evenings!

This festive season, I am challenging myself to use no plastics, cellotape or single use items.

So today, I’ve kicked off by making these sweet little gift boxes. What I love about them is that they are pretty quick to make and perfect for packaging little seasonal treats! 

To make one you will need:

An empty toilet paper tube

Pretty paper - I used some magazine cuttings from my craft box


Tiny Land natural paper glue and a brush

Ribbon or string to decorate

First begin by pressing the toilet roll flat, creating a nice sharp fold down each side 

Next, fold in the tops of flattened tube so they slightly overlap. 

Repeat on both sides so that your gift box takes shape, like this: 

Now you can decorate your gift box with your chosen paper, securing with Tiny Land’s natural glue. I loved using this glue as it is a great substitute to PVA, with no chemical smell and bonds the materials really well. 

Once you have packaged your gift into the box, finish with a pretty bow! 

I really enjoyed making this box and think it is a fantastic way to repurpose an old cardboard tube into something really special. I always love receiving gifts in packaging that I can reuse again and with this box, you can. Once it has had it’s time, this clever craft can be easily recycled or composted. There you have it - an adorable homemade gift box with zero waste! You could even try painting the boxes with Tiny Land’s natural paints . I’d love to see what you make, remember to share you pictures with us on Instagram & Facebook . 

Love, Farah Tanner (The Botanical Artist) x

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