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Leaf Rubbings

Hi everyone, it’s so busy here at Tiny Land in the run-up to Christmas!

With the last of the trees shedding their leaves, it’s a great time to appreciate the beauty of nature.

I have been trying out some various mediums and made leaf-rubbings with Tiny Land natural crayons.

Leaf Rubbing, Oil Pastels

Tiny Land make many various crayons - ones for toddlers (Stars) and are releasing new Lego and Heart ones in the new year which are great for birthdays.

These crayons are the Waldorf inspired Crayons. Similar to Stockman, they have been copied in their hue but do not contain any paraffin (Stockman Crayons contain 54% paraffin). Nor do they use Bee's Wax as there are alternative sustainable plant waxes.

Leaf Rubbings, Soft Crayons, Artist Grade Crayons, Blendable Crayons

I found they were really easy to use and being rectangular they’re a great shape for taking rubbings of things such as leaves, as well as being easy for little hands to hold. The colours are bright and vibrant, and they’re easily blendable to create some nice effects.

Because they’re made with food-grade oils I was able to use them in a similar way to pastels but without the need for fixing sprays to prevent them smudging, much less messy!

I try to work with natural and upcycled materials as much as possible and I’m really happy to find a safe, non-toxic product like this which can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike.

Look out for more craft ideas coming soon, including Christmas decoupage with new Tiny Land natural glue!

Leannan x

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